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  1. The LAVA trademark was founded by Rapolas Grazys on the principle of cross pollination  between the fields of acoustics and precision craft. The output is innovative and forward-looking high-end gear that subtly amplifies the skill of a capable musician. 


    The concept of LAVA

    Lava Drops are shaped after actual physical drops to give some tangible ergonomic enhancement for a player to benefit from. These guitars are made via an exclusive technological process utilising a choice solid piece of wood. Thus every LAVA instrument is molded as a unique sculptural piece with artistic care and vision that has a value to it and adds to your stage presence. Each guitar has a vivid work of art personality compared to conveyor belt replicas. Combined with avante-garde technological know-how it is capable of advancing instinctive originality of even a seasoned instrumentalist.

    Body core patterns of tree growth rings of Mahogany, Maple, Merbau and Ebony lumber are revealed clearly on display – a picture of undisguised naturalism. Just as in music itself that these guitars serve with same clarity of prolonged notes, subtler degrees of tonal character and variable musical harmonies. Elegantly streamlined forms of the slim guitar body provide functional and ergonomic benefits for a musician. Guitar body smoothly nestles as a cat on a lap. Gold and black details of the instrument and ebony fingerboard remind of those timeless lava flows set in stone. Aviation grade aluminum alloy sparkles in contrast to matte volcanic rock inlays on the guitar neck. All that multiplied by master luthier care and craftsmanship transform the instrument into a collector's piece.

    Lava-drop electric guitars line is the immersive result of lifetime inspiration from nature combined with cutting edge technologies.

  2. I wanted to build a guitar that connected the past and the future while also giving a nod to my home -  Lithuania, where black amber from the Baltic sea is harvested. The construction of the guitar is a single seamless piece of sapele for the body and neck with an ebony fretboard and 24-3/4” scale length. The neck has a truss rod that is reinforced by two rods of carbon fiber. The sapele has been routed out in the body to house the 4.4 pounds of Baltic black amber, with a 5mm rim around the inlaid amber. Baltic amber is over 45 million years old, produced by the Pine trees which grew in Northern Europe and around the Baltic Sea. It is also considered by many to have therapeutic properties due to its high level of succinic acid, a compound said to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. The fact that the Baltic amber is millions of years old is humbling to say the least when you pick this instrument up to play. The guitar as an instrument is a joy to play, with a very fast and striking response to notes and chords, likely from the rigidity of the amber. The neck has a rounded neck profile, with large frets that give way to fast riffing. The pickups are Lace Alumitone humbuckers, and rounding out the looks of this one of a kind guitar are gold hardware, and a 24 karat gold Lava Guitars headstock logo. The Black Amber Drop #1 includes a certificate of authenticity crafted from aluminum, along with a bracelet crafted from Baltic black amber, and gold Schaller straplocks. 

    Includes: Custom Made Leather Hardshell Case, Baltic Black Amber Bracelet, Aluminum Certificate of Authenticity, Strap Locks

    • 7 lbs, 15 oz.
    • 4.4 lbs of Baltic Black Amber
    • 1-Piece Sapele Neck and 5mm Body Rim
    • 2 Carbon Fiber Rods for Neck Reinforcement
    • 24-3/4” Scale Length
    • .780" Neck Profile at Nut 
    • .940” Neck Profile at 12th Fret
    • Ebony Fretboard
    • Lace Alumitone Humbuckers
    • 24 Karat Gold Plated Lava Headstock Logo 
    • Gold Hardware

  3. Lava Drop X 

    The most cutting-edge model in the Lava-drop  line and a tour de force technology-wise it is handcrafted from a sturdy block of rare Merbau wood. Master shipwrights do select this timber for vessels that ought to withstand more extreme conditions due to its high degree of natural durability and strength. Tonal character is warm and full. Aircraft grade aluminum alloy contour perfectly balances the guitar body and instills aesthetic elegancy into this unique instrument affirming its premium status. Its fatigue strength is higher and it has particularly good resistance to divots and even marine atmosphere and saltwater corrosion. Also this model features 24 jumbo frets and is incrusted with genuine petrified volcanic lava flow inlays. 

    An integrated laser MIDI  controller will captivate your audience with various stage setups while connected to either a computer, pedal or a synthesizer. Included in the package you will find a power suply unit and CV/MIDI LAVA converter  which connects to your computer via USB port. Equipped with 1 bridge "Lace deathbucker” which has a coil split. Has 2 different pickup combinations and tone/volume control. Perfect for rock, electronic music, blues, hard rock tunes. 

    Computer programs like: Ableton, Pro tools, Cubase or any digital audio workstation could be used while connected to Lava Drop X  guitar through the Lava Drop X  Interface module. 

    LAVA Drop X connections: JACK Out, 9 or 7-PIN XLR Out.

    Lava Drop X Interface module connections: 9 or 7-PIN XLR In, Midi DIN Out, CV Out, GATE Out, JACK Out, USB, Power supply In. 

    Unique feature: You are able to change your fingerboard played chords with laser technology configuration that is in a class of its own.

  4. Lava Drop – 

    This deluxe fretless instrument is handcrafted from a solid piece of high quality Sapele wood. The guitar has very slim, attenuate and ergonomic body weighing only 3kg (0.47 stone). It is envisaged to serve as an uninhibited and spontaneous source of innate musical creativity while your fingers slide smoothly and uninterrupted from around one Ebony wood fingerboard side to another exploring those micro tones. With this electric guitar one can sound totally different and recognisable. Perfect for jazz, world-music, slide bluesy tunes or may be even a distinctive style to be invented by yourself. Fitted with 2 Lace alumitone humbuckers that are splittable – the guitar has 5 specific pickup tone combinations.

     Multiple photos taken by great photographers: Kęstutis Kurienius, Artūras Jendovickis, Tautvydas Rasiulis, Mindaugas Ažušilis